Silica Gel Sachets

Packwest's Dry Gel Desiccants are manufactured here in Sydney, in Australia's only GMP clean room facility. Australia's only locally made provider, we produce a wide range of packaged desiccant solutions customised to suit the varying needs of our customers.

Our capabilities include packaging of various types of desiccants and odour absorbers including silica gel, molecular sieve and activated carbon. Combinations of these materials are also produced for applications requiring products that adsorb both moisture and odours.

Sachets are available in both single cut and roll form to best suit our customers packing facilities and capabilities, ranging in size from 0.5gm to 100gm.


Our products are produced on fully automated multi-lane state of the art machinery in a humidity and temperature controlled production room. 


- Pharmaceuticals (Solid oral dose) and Powders

- Medical Devices

- Diagnostics

- Nutraceuticals

For more information contact a member of our team on +61 247 217 008 or

+61 247 217 008

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